•  Be nice-to-be-known in a trouble-free zone. 
•  No cussing and swearing to lower the tone.
•  No armchair whingers who constantly groan.
•  If you're nursing a grudge this is no place to moan.

•  No talking folk down when they're not there to hear. 
•  No being a flea in anyone's ear.
•  If you just want to quibble, don't do it here.
•  To the bullying kind, please don't come near!

Online trolls are anti-social mischief makers craving for attention who starts quarrels or upset people on the internet to distract and sow discord. They do it by posting inflammatory, digressive, and off-topic messages in a community with the intent of provoking or bullying other people into displaying an emotional response for the troll’s own gratification.

They attempt to normalise tangential discussion to feed their own appetite and subvert the normal course of free speech. It’s a typically nasty way of baiting for the perpetrator’s own amusement and personal pleasure. Media attention in recent years has likened trolling to  online harassment.