Cottenham 2020 will help combat loneliness and a sense of isolation amongst elderly residents not yet familiar with online communications and the local/ global reach it inspires. 

At the other end of the age scale it will encourage millennials and digital natives in the community to introduce their contemporary skills to older generations who, in return, can pass on traditional skills, crafts and know-how to younger generations.

It will encourage older residents to recount their stories with illustrations from the past and younger residents to record local history in the making. It will form alliances to drive co-production initiatives in local communities with Time Credits awarded to younger generations giving their time to help older ones climb the digital ladder. They will be able to spend these on activities for their own health and wellbeing at sports centres for example, and for sponsored leisure-time activities such as local cinemas, football matches and fitness centres.

​Girton Club 55 Computer Group

We are open every Monday from 10am to 12noon except Bank Holidays

People bring along their laptop computers, tablets, ipads and iphones to connect to our wifi system and seek help but we do have some equipment of our own including two desktop computers, a couple of laptops and some Kindles  which are loaned to us by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Our Digital Champions (helpers) give one-to-one help where they can – we have seven. Printers are available and we can help you with printing or organising 

photographs or other documents. You may use our desktops, laptops and kindles if you haven’t got one of your own but want to try out your skills.

Good Things Foundation

Our vision is a world where everyone benefits from digital

We are a social change charity, helping people to improve their lives through digital. We tackle the most pressing social issues of our time, working with partners in thousands of communities across the UK and further afield.

Online Centres Network 


Brought together by Good Things Foundation, the Online Centres Network is made up of over 5,000 grassroots organisations, all working to tackle digital and social exclusion by providing people with the skills and confidence they need to access digital technology.