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Independent Commission for Climate

     24th April 2021

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15th March, 2021

Cottenham 2020
Draft Appraisal of our Independent 
Commission for Climate's Interim Report (Full Report due in August)

Key Findings

  • People thought nature was the most important issue.
  • People wanted more information provision and education.

Role of Nature Issues

  • Adaptation
  • Water
  • Public engagement programme.

Behaviour Change Issues

  • Behaviour change lies underneath many of the recommendations.
  • Public engagement and behaviour change are bed partners.
  • Communication and engagement required to support behaviour change.
  • Gathering public support at a local level is required.
  • Policy needs to go with the grain of how people act and are motivated.
  • Need to lead a programme for engagement and behaviour change.

Coordination of Key Stakeholders

  • Public engagement (to date) has been through just two surveys.
  • Need to remove frictions and understand people’s incentives.

Active Travel
Travel sustainably by walking, cycling or using public transport.

ICC Recommendations for CPCA

  • Climate Cabinet chaired by the Leader of the Combined Authority.
  • Funded delivery team to coordinate, champion and facilitate action.
  • Climate action plan: emissions targets, actions, and monitoring.
  • Green investment team.
  • Plan for funding green transformation (e.g. Green Bonds).
  • Nature based solutions.
  • Peat restoration.

Our region can be a great place to live for everyone

  • Green 
  • Healthy 
  • Resilient

Cambridgeshire Local Councils Conference 2020

​Keynote Address