(See also Cottenham Truths.) Based on the popular radio and TV panel game The Unbelievable Truth, Cottenham Lies and Cottenham Truths will bring the game online in a unique new format giving truth to lies that will shock and amuse you in equal measure.

‚ÄčAugust 2020

Out of the mouths of passers-by who said "there's been a stabbing at the Chequers!" Go wash out your mouths and stop fantasising. You'll give the village a bad name for crime and idle gossip alike,

October 2018

Out of the mouths of babes, parents and carers who damaged lives with false allegations for which they really should apologise to those affected; not to shame but to help us all understand that idle gossip, Chinese whispers and tongues loosened by alcohol can ruin lives and be a killer to those driven to suicide as a result.

Covid-19 has taught us we all need to work together to preserve life in a new-normal  environment that encourages collaboration and co-production as touchstones for new and better society.