Young and old, we all like to share a good laugh. So let's start the way we intend carrying on.

Your UK Climate Change Assembly

Listen in to what the new Climate Change Assembly is saying on your behalf and speak for yourself, your friends and other Cottenham Kids.

As a Cottenham Kid, here's where you can make your voice heard at the highest level of UK Government. Don't be shy and afraid to speak up. It's your own future and your family's future that matters most here – over and above anything else in your life at present including Covid-19, a field exercise for things to come. One day you're gonna be head of the family with your own Cottenham Kids to care for. It's never too soon to think about that.

So plug in to what's going on in the real world that's affecting your future even as we speak and think what you and your own circle of Cottenham Kids might be able to do to affect decisions at the head of your Government.

Bloke on the right's a Digitally-Challenged Medieval Me before I grew my moustache.​ Good looking guy, huh?


Guy on the left's a Digital Medieval Native name of Zolnai. Still lives in the village and must be over 500 years old.