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Cottenham Village Society​

Here you can browse through a collection of local historical material, which includes photos, old documents and the memories of local people. It's the one of 30 Community Archive Group websites in the Cambridge Community Archive Network.

The website is created by a group of enthusiastic volunteers who are always interested in new recruits, so if you’re interested, they'd be delighted to hear from you at cottenham@ccan.co.uk/ You can add a comment about anything on the website by clicking on the Add a comment link at the bottom of each page.

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History in the Making!
But you couldn't make it up if you tried! 

Cottenham 2020 was conceived in March 2019 to address the inevitable impacts of climate change on the health, safety and wellbeing of Cottenham’s future generations, , following events and lesasons learnt from the previous year 

It resulted from a chance meeting between two village residents: professional geologists and acclaimed, digital mapmaker since 1984, Andrew Zolnai; and Terry Jackson, publisher, early internet adopter, online mapping pioneer and co-founder of the national tourism newspaper for Wales, “This Week”. Their combined skills, talents and research capacity quickly gave rise to a Cottenham 2020 Waterworld Story Map project for the village showing the inevitable impact of rising sea levels on Cambridgeshire owing to global warming predictions from Climate Scientists and Ocean-ographers worldwide.

No sooner had the research borne fruit, however, in the shape of sea-level rise maps at intervals from 2020 to 2100 (reflecting the progressive ageing of the village’s 12-year-olds today), than Covid-19 struck and the company repurposed its assets overnight to track its spread using open geotemporal data in motion.

Cottenham is one of 270 Civil Parishes in the new Mayoral Super-County of Cambridge & Peterborough. All have Wikipedia entries to expand on as hyperlocal, geotemporal knowledge bases for education and leisure applications. 

Nestling on the northern border of Cambridgeshire’s Silicon Valley,  Cottenham is also one of five villages strung out along the southern border of the adjacent East Anglian Fens, destined to become Silicon Fen-Edge Villages of the future and knowledge centres of excellence in local community adaptation to the impacts of climate change.

Cottenham 2020 is a pilot project to demonstrate proof of concept and market validation, generating income from commercial and philanthropic sponsors for the County’s newly-formed, independent Climate Change

Commission and Citizens Assembly.

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Cottenham is the largest of the five Silicon Fen-Edge Villages that sit like jewels in the crown of Cambridgeshire’s Silicon Valley along the southern fringe of Greater East Anglia’s fen country. Once famous for its many orchards and over thirty ale houses, some say fifty, running along what was once the longest High Street in England bar none ...’ang on a minute, that doesn’t sound right!... the village is home to over 6,000 inhabitants according to the 2011 census and home now to Cottenham 2020, founded by two of its youngest residents through a once-in-a-lifetime quirk of fate that found both fame and infamy depending on the intelligence of those least informed or whose tongues wagged loosest. It emerged from the story of a small pond teeming with wildlife and a watering hole for Muntjac deer from the woods opposite. It became a symbol for all that was good in the world at the time and publication of "A Book that Needs to be Written" recording events for serialisation in later issues of "Cottenham Open".

And to keep the aquatic theme going for the sake of continuity, Cottenham 2020 aims to become a centre of excellence in the study of sea-level rises caused by global warming within the lifetime of its founders, and measures needed for the village to adapt to the new reality. It’s not just a case of more wellington boots. it’s a change in mindset and lifestyle for those families who care to call Cottenham their home in 2030, 2050 and 2100 by which time their 12-year-olds today will have presented them with great-grandchildren and Cottenham Primary School’s autumn intake of new pupiis.