Behind the Scenes at a Chaotic Local

Parish Council Meeting

My goodness! Didn't we do well in face of adversity.

Hope the magnificent team stays together long enough to tackle the impacts of global climate change...

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Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.

Independent Commission for Climate 

15th March, 2021

Cottenham 2020
Draft Appraisal of our Independent 
Commission for Climate's Interim Report (Full Report due in August)

Key Findings

  • People thought nature was the most important issue.
  • People wanted more information provision and education.

Role of Nature Issues

  • Adaptation
  • Water
  • Public engagement programme.

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Thankfully – unless you live there – the one above took place in Cheshire earlier this year; truly hilarious. But...!

We have 267 Parish Councils in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough where locally elected councillors are prone to strut and preen, intoxicated by the little power thay have at the lowest tier of UK Government.

Are they fit for purpose? Well, following the Cheshire example of how not to represent your local electorate, the jury's out on that right now.

Closer to home (yet further away geographically, out to grass on the far side of the Cottenham Recreation Ground), we have the new and rather expensive headquarters of our own Parish Council and its overlords (overlady too if you include Cottenam's very own Queen of Town Clerks).

The Cheshire Incident will have set the National Association of Local Councils reeling. Yet it didn't bear a mention at its National Asssembly meeting last month; far too embarrassing and puncturing too many people's tiny egos, one would think, not to mention the Vice President's – the President's job is vacant. Who on Eartch would want to be seen presiding over that kind of nonsense?

Cheshire has undoubtably delivered a devastating blow! Are they all heathens like that up in the frozen north?

Coming soon...

Food, fitness, friendship, funny stuff, frivolity and larking about in general; there are lots of people in the village with stories to make us laugh, cry and fall back in love with life, no matter how down we might feel sometimes after a bad day at the office or something someone said to you without thinking.

Meanwhile, take a look below at how our local team has been doing such a brilliant job supporting neighbours during the Covid-19 crisis and lockdowns; then take in the inevitable third wave threatening us following recession. But don't despair. Coastguards are on the way with buckets, sandbags and extra pairs of wellington boots in all sizes. 

Behaviour Change Issues

  • Behaviour change lies underneath many of the recommendations.
  • Public engagement and behaviour change are bed partners.
  • Communication and engagement required to support behaviour change.
  • Gathering public support at a local level is required.
  • Policy needs to go with the grain of how people act and are motivated.
  • Need to lead a programme for engagement and behaviour change.

Coordination of Key Stakeholders

  • Public engagement (to date) has been through just two surveys.
  • Need to remove frictions and understand people’s incentives.

Active Travel
Travel sustainably by walking, cycling or using public transport.

ICC Recommendations for CPCA

  • Climate Cabinet chaired by the Leader of the Combined Authority.
  • Funded delivery team to coordinate, champion and facilitate action.
  • Climate action plan: emissions targets, actions, and monitoring.
  • Green investment team.
  • Plan for funding green transformation (e.g. Green Bonds).
  • Nature based solutions.
  • Peat restoration.

Our region can be a great place to live for everyone

  • Green 
  • Healthy 
  • Resilient