4. Seven Years Ago My Son Killed Himself

4: At 10.40 pm hunkered down in a dingy, depressing, governmemt-run institution, a father's second son slashed both his wrists and, fired up on the adrenaline rush this gave him, found the strength to plunge a knife into his throat to end his life. He bled to death in three short minutes.

Suicide is an all-consuming cancer on society. In 2019, the number of registered deaths by suicide in England and Wales was 5,691, an average of 18 per day. It is the biggest single killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK (Wikipedia).

What is The Fifth Estate? The Fifth Estate is a socio-cultural reference to groupings of outlier viewpoints in contemporary society, and is mostly associated with journalists publishing in non-mainstream media outlets, social media under a broad "Social License", and specialist bloggers.

The "Fifth" Estate extends the sequence of the three classical Estates of the Realm and the preceding Fourth Estate, essentially the mainstream press. The use of "fifth estate" dates back  to the 1960s counterculture, and in particular the influential The Fifth Estate, an underground newspaper first published in 1965. Web-based technologies have enhanced the scope and power of the Fifth Estate far beyond the modest, boutique conditions of its beginnings.

What follows are exceptional examples of 5th estate publishing with stories unlikely to have reached the national media but are important signs of our times getting too little attention.

It takes a village to raise a child but the first story below concerns a local community that let down one of its youngest, no longer here to explain what made him take his own life.

3. The Dangerous Few (Psychology Documentary) | 4 Years Ago

2. Britain's Challenging Children | 16 Mar 2020 | 154,380 Views views 

1: Chazz Petrella had an idyllic childhood in Cobourg, Ontario - four older siblings, loving parents, a hobby farm. But that all changed when his rages became too much for his family to handle. He was diagnosed with mental illness at age ten and was soon on the case-loads of nine agencies and services - including residential placements. Despite all of this care, Chazz committed suicide just after he turned 12. Why did a boy who seemed to have access to best of Ontario's child and youth services die? “How does that 12-year-old boy end up hanging from a tree? I want to know” said Ontario’s Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Irwin Elman lman.


(Suicide and The Voices)

Channel4 "Prison"

Series 1 Episode 2

Cottenham Fifth Estate

3: Could the most effective method of crime prevention be a brain scan? This suggestion, the result of recent ground-breaking research, is investigated in the two films that comprise A Mind To Crime. The Dangerous Few examines the surprising claim from the USA that it is possible to identify children as young as four year’s old as potential criminals. Often prone to violence and stealing, children who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have been found to have brain abnormalities consistent with those who turn to crime. Controversial treatments being developed are also revealed. Violent Minds, the second film, examines the brain abnormalities that affect different types of criminal, as well as investigating the links with drugs and the possibilities of brain damage inflicted before birth.

2: With primary schools across the country being stretched by the violent and disruptive behaviour of a small minority of pupils, an in-depth survey of teachers reveals the impact on their ability to teach. Five primary schools in Glasgow, Wigan and Luton are filmed to uncover the enormous challenges faced by teachers dealing with violent and disruptive behaviour and innovative methods used to tackle the problem. 97 percent of teachers say they have to deal with disruptive pupils in their classroom – like Levi in Luton, who regularly has to storm out of class for fear that he might lose control; or Jordyn in Glasgow whose swearing and aggression frightens teachers and classmates alike.

1. The Boy Who Should Have Lived | 28 Mar 2015 | 5,937,661 Views

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1. The Boy Who Should Have Lived

2. Britain's Challenging Children

3. The Dangerous Few

4. Seven Years Ago My Son Killed Himself