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Tuesday, 8th November 2022

2050: Cottenham-on-Sea and The Cambridge Estuary

Extreme inequality, social injustice and unsustainable development are powering the climate crisis and exacerbating the pandemic. We need a radically inclusive and just approach to tackle these problems. The most important question is not which emerging technologies to use, or even how to use them. The most important question is Who? Who gets to use these technologies? Who gets to lead the application of these technologies? We want the answer to be: local experts with lived experience who know best how to create positive social impact effectively and sustainably in their countries

St Paul's Cathedral

The visualisation below shows projected future sea levels at St. Paul's Cathedral in London due to human-caused global warming under two different scenarios. 

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Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

One of the most inspirational speeches ever and the most heard in history at 11 million views on YouTube alone. Made by Steve Paul Jobs on his graduation from Stanford University in 2005 before becoming Apple's co-founder and chief executive officer  Pixar Animation Studio,  you must listen to the end for the most life changing quote of all-time.

Drawing from some of the most pivotal points in his life, Steve urged fellow graduates to pursue their dreams and see the opportunities in life's setbacks including death itself.

UPDATE:  Saturday, 9th April 2022

The latest [2022] report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)* shows an acceleration in the effects of global warming and sea-level rises if we fail to maintain the target set last year by UK Government* of a 78% reduction in carbon emissions by 2035.

The effect of this failure would be temperature rises beyond the +2 degrees Celsius (+3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) forecast for 2035 in accordance with the 78% emmission's target and corresponding sea-level rises.

This is reflected in the map below for 2030 when, in just 18 years time, Cottenham-on-Sea and the The Cambridge Estuary will have become a reality​. 

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    1st September 2022

   New Material for 2022/ 2023

"Climate change includes both human-induced global warming and its large-scale impacts on weather patterns. There have been previous periods of climate change, but the current changes are more rapid than any known events in Earth's history.

Sea levels centuries from now are tied to global temperatures reached in the near future."

Land Projected to be Below Annual Sea Level by 2030

Earth Science Basics: Sea Level Rise

​​​​​​​​​​It's hard to "see" sea level rise by just looking at the ocean, but its effects are very real. This new video covers some of the basics:​

The map above shows all the land (in red) below water by 2050, based on the scientific sources bullet-pointed below. The map is interactive to search all Civil Parishes in Cambridgeshire like Cottenham. Use your mouse to click and drag the map in any direction, and to zoom in and out by clicking on the plus [+] or minus [–] buttons in the top=right corner.

Scientific Sources​

Luck also comes into the equation
Good luck means that heat-trapping pollution and global warming turn out to have weaker effects on sea levels than scientists generally expect. Bad luck is the opposite.

Good luck: Low-end result from sea-level projection range (5th percentile).
Medium luck: Mid-range result from sea-level projection range (50th percentile).
Bad luck: High-end result from sea-level projection range (95th percentile).

For those wishing to engage more closely with the IPCC, please take a look at the Panel's Fact Sheet,  the UK Government's position and, rather menacingly, "Adapt or die" from the Environment Agency.

For local populations, adaptation to climate change is progressively more urgent than it was last year. It needs local residents of all ages, aptitudes, colours. creeds and genders to determine their futures together; to maintain the social and economic viability of their communities, and create new opportunities working in harmony with nature and the natural environment. 

​Central government's Policy and Implementation Timeline at Policy Implementation Timeline at tps://www.theccc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/CCC-Figure-2-Policy-implementation-timeline.pdf is instructive.

Dedicated to Chris Lightfoot

Wednesday, 7th October 2021

Introduction and overview of a Community Engagement course, an online training by WeRobotics. https://werobotics.org/trainings

​Climate Central

Coastal Futures Depend on Today's Climate

Wednesday, 7th October 2021

An introduction and overview of an online Community Engagement project using friendly drones to map out all the resources avaiailable to villagers.

Online Mapping Experimental Area

Classification: Top Secret! 

Cottenham's on a mission to become the first geospatially-empowered, Silicon Fen-Edge Village of the Future. But don't don't tell anyone yet. it's meant to be a surprise!